Opening : 7 pm to 9:00 pm. Saturday. August 12th. 

Public Viewing: August 12th to September 2nd 2023 

Address: 2220 Commerce Street #D, Houston, TX 77002

Mitochondria Gallery is pleased to present “Streams and Trails,” the second solo exhibition by Rwandan artist, Izere Antoine (b.1996). In this exhibition, Antoine surveys the intricacies associated with discovering our authentic selves. Izere seeks to encourage the viewers to plough through the limiting thoughts and fears within us as we take this journey towards self-discovery. The artist tells stories utilizing compositions of individual subjects positioned in unique scenes. There is an aspect of stoicism associated with each muse. Using oil paints on canvas, the artist builds layers of imagery with his palette knife adding textural depth and complexity to these environments. “Streams and Trails” reminds us that life’s journey is not linear. We will take many paths, face numerous obstacles, and find ourselves lost at times. However, these moments are what contribute to our growth. 


Mana y'umwero (Goddess of Harvest). Oil on Canvas. 48 x 60 inches. 2023
Massimbi. Oil on canvas. 38 x 48 inches. 2023
The Crown of the Feast. Oil on canvas. 38 x 48 inches. 2023
Nyana. Oil on canvas. 38 x 48 inches. 2023
Take me to the river. Oil on canvas. 38 x 48 inches. 2023

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About Izere Antoine

Izere Antoine

Izere Antoine de Padoue, is a Rwandan based impasto painter b. 1996 Rushoga/ DRC. Antoine graduated with a degree in Sculpture and Ceramics from Nyundo School of Art.
From a young age Izere loved art. He is passionate about exploring the many ways in which art is part of our life. His art depicts situations of social life, emotions, and feelings. He has participated in numerous trainings in animation and illustration. He has participated in art exhibitions primarily in Rwanda, East Africa, and the United States. Izere is represented by Mitochondria Gallery in Houston, Texas.
“Creating is an amazing process. Most of the time I enjoy trying new things. I really like the heavy strokes of the impressionists, the flow of their textured, torn, foundry colors, and different grayscales as well as their engagement in open compositions and light changing. This gave birth to my impasto style. I see life as a passion of sticking to what we like and the endless battles of everything else that we abhor. Art is one of the open ways of talking to people in a graphic/visual way of imagination. The emotions, feelings and all the untold stories behind these makes people feel connected.” – Izere Antoine

Diploma in sculpture and ceramics at Ecole d’arts Nyundo 2015-2017. Certificate in animation from ADMA (Africa Digital Media Academy).

2023. Streams and Trails. Mitochondria Gallery. Houston, TX.
2022. STRIDE Solo Exhibition, Mitochondria Gallery, Houston TX

2023. When the Sun Stands Still, Mitochondria Gallery, Houston,TX
2023. Sounds of Blackness, The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Philippines
2022. Spectrum Art Fair, Miami Florida
2022. One Tree Cannot Be a Forest, Charity Exhibition, PA
2022. Florescence, Mitochondria Gallery
2022. Visage, Chili Arts Project, United Kingdom
2021. PEOPLE AND COLORS with Sabyinyo silverback, Kinigi, Rwanda
2021. VISAGES Kigali,Rwanda
2021. CONCORDANT CONVEYANCES with Mitochondria Gallery
2021. Permanent display at INTARE Arena, Kigali, Rwanda
2020. NOVEMBRE NUMERIQUE: animation exhibition organized by institute Français and Maison Beaulier, Kigali, Rwanda
2020. AFROTOPISME: A Digital art exhibition organized by GIZ and Maison Beaulier
2019. Autour de Moi art exhibition at BPR building (Maison Beaulier)

2021. Edutainment animation project with REB
2020. Icyuki project
2019. Baho neza project, Imbuto foundation, Kigali
2018. Workshop in Bakame edition
2017. Mural painting in Ecole d’ arts Nyundo, Gisenyi
2015. Workshop with Save the Children


** Editors Note: Streams and Trails. Izere Antoine. Mitochondria Gallery. 2023