The Awaiting Man (SOLD)

The awaiting man


Mixed Media on Canvas

48 in X 60 in

122 cm X 152 cm

Artist: Slam Austin

This is an original work


About this Painting

Condition : New

Signature : Signed by Artist

Certificate of Authenticity : Included

Frame : Not Framed.

Title : The Awaiting man

Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas

Size : 48 X 60 in

Size : 122 X 152 cm

About the Artist : Slam Austin

Aideloje Austin Slam was born in Edo State (1987), Nigeria, and currently resides in Lagos. Slam is a full time studio artist, his artistic education was attained from the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, where he graduated with a HND in arts.

Slam Austin is a contemporary painter and sculptor. He typically typically employs pop art and pop surrealism to convey his work in the form of figurative and portraiture paintings. Slam uses mixed media, especially from found materials extensively in his paintings.

His signature use of acrylic finger nails in his paintings to represent the skin of his subjects is striking and brilliant. The mosaic interaction of acrylic finger nails of different colors, and sizes, are elegantly fused to create a layered structure that interacts with the viewer and lighting in the room.

His decision to use acrylic fingernails as the symbolic and recognizable feature in his work stems from the use of acrylic fingernails in fashion, and self care. Acrylic fingernails tell a story of personality, confidence, uniqueness, and style. These expressions are captured by Slam and extended throughout the body of his subjects.

His works are featured in collections across Africa, Europe, and North America.

Genre : Pop Art, Contemporary Figurative Painting, Individual Portrait