Me, Mum, and Daughter

Me, Mum, and Daughter.

Acrylic on Canvas.

52 x 74 in.



This is an original work


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About this Painting. Abstract Portrait Painting. Contemporary Figurative Art. Contemporary Portrait Art.

Condition : New

Signature : Signed by Artist

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About the Artist  


Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali (Ghanaian, b. 1997) is a visual artist who is focused on creating art based on the experiences of the African woman in a patriarchal society.

My work for the past 4 years has found me continually exploring aspects of life that are often hidden or misrepresented in the society that we live in. I explore personal experiences and the lives of the average woman, and in some cases, the conservative Muslim woman in Ghana or around the world who gets lost in thought, dreaming of the day she would not be looked at as incapable of accomplishing goals and aspirations. I capture the soul of the dreamer, of the woman who refuses to be held back by walls of unrealistic expectations, of the woman who seeks beyond the wall. I focus on the topics society talks about, but has minimum or no control over, an example being the patriarchal systems in my society. My feelings are evoked, and emotions of pain and sadness are shown through the subjects I paint. My desire to live beyond the expectations set on women drives my choice of colors. My current body of work is about liberation of women, and I tackle employment, emancipation, and independence of women. I paint my subjects in suits, and other clothing. Suits have always been in the male dominion and wearing a suit regardless of gender entails a certain degree of class. Suits are very much centered in my work because metaphorically, suits represent empowerment, and I am all about that. Affirming the root of feminine power within myself through this body of work permeates everything I do as a woman, an artist, and everything I represent. My body of work examines and questions gender roles and the portrayal of women in popular culture.

As an artist, I believe strongly in the role of imagination and the importance of standing for what is right, and I portray this through my work. Just like the color of the oceans and seas, I apply navy blue and multiple shades of blue on the skin of my subjects, symbolizing freedom from all limitations, abuse, and the controlled lives of all women. Blue also depicts royalty in the northern Ghanaian community. My emotions allow me to paint a range of postures, hand, and finger expressions, which communicate a series of questions and thoughts that go through my mind daily. I want my audience to be able to interpret what they see and feel by relating with everyday sitting and standing positions in our everyday lives, especially when we are lost in thought, at a standstill, not having a single memory of how we ended up lost, daydreaming, questioning the universe I apply acrylic paint in creating my art. I sometimes portray powerful, inspirational women who keep defying all odds to be successful in their various fields. I say a little prayer after completing every work of art, hoping to impact society by helping women like me. Right now, more than ever, it is time for women to take a step forward and focus on leadership in their communities and beyond, and I aspire to contribute greatly to this change.


2022 Reflections of Her- Mitochondria Gallery- Houston, Texas

2022 Birds of a Feather – Phillips x Artemartis – London, UK.

2022 Ties That Bind Us – The Cowrie Culture – Accra, Ghana.

2021 Emergeast Gallery – Dubai. UAE.

2020 Worlafest, Alliance Française – Accra, Ghana.

2019 Zongo Art Project – Accra, Ghana.

2019 Chalewote Art Festival – Accra, Ghana.

2018 Chalewote Art Festival – Accra, Ghana.


2020 James Town workshop – Accra, Ghana.

Editors note: Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali. Mitochondria Gallery.

Genre : Figurative Painting, Contemporary Figurative Painting, Contemporary figurative art

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