Know your Hand AR Playing Card- Limited Edition Playing Cards with Augmented Reality

Know Your hand AR playing card – Limited Edition Playing Card. Vol 1.
Poker Sized Playing Card (300gsm Premium Card Stock)
Custom Edition Tuck Box (14 pt. C1s Paper Stock)
Augmented Reality (AR) cultural experience.
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This Limited Edition 54 card deck features all original back designs, 4 unique queens, 4 unique Kings, 4 unique Jacks, 4 unique Aces, 2 unique Jokers.

The numbered cards suites are also unique as the Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, and Spade also display numbers in words from Ijaw, Yoruba, Benin, and Hausa Languages respectively.

Introducing our first Limited Edition Series of Know Your Hand AR playing cards!


“Know Your Hand AR Playing Card” ♠️

These cards will be a great gift🎁
This deck features images that represent tribes from Nigeria. This deck includes images from the Yoruba, Igbo, Benin, Ijaw, and Hausa-Fulani people.
We have added an interactive experience to enhance the learning opportunity with this card deck. We have utilized augmented reality to tell stories behind each playing card. Just use our “Know Your Hand AR ” app to scan the card and learn more about the information and images on each card.  The “Know your Hand AR” is now available on IOS and Android Device from your App store.


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