Retour au bercail (Return to the Fold/ Back home) [SOLD]

Retour au bercail

Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas

59 X 59 in

150 x 150 cm


Artist: Kwami Da Costa

About this Painting

Condition : New

Frame : Not Framed.

Title : Retour au bercail (Return to the Fold/ Back home)

Medium : Pastel & Acrylic on Canvas

Size : 59 X 59 in

Size : 150 X 150 cm

About the Painting

Return to the fold speaks on the search for “El Dorado”, a peaceful place to provide for the needs of our family. This search for greener pastures leads people to migrate through dangerous routes in unsafe conditions, such as crossing the Mediterranean sea in small boats.
Arrival at “El Dorado” presents a new reality, and new challenges, that were not foreseen, or sometimes suppressed with the dream of new opportunities. As time passes, and the realities of challenges associated with integrating into the new environment arise, especially in tough times as seen during the pandemic, the urge to return back home to a familiar place rises.
 “The canoe to me is a symbol of wealth, which I use to talk about the movements of ethnic groups.” -Kwami Da Costa
About the Artist : Kwami Da Costa

Kwami Da Costa is a contemporary artist, born in 1980, in the city of Lome’, Togo, and currently resides in Dakar, Senegal. His artistic practice includes painting and sculptures. His work focuses on the intersectional dynamics of the human family, cultural rights we partake in, our respect for the environment, and each other.

Da Costa employs contemporary figurative and portrait paintings to relay his eloquent conversations on human interactions.  The facial and bodily features of his figurines are broken up and reassembled to create abstraction that blazingly convey human emotions in a striking manner to viewers of his work. His use of vibrant colors to intelligently combine the fragmented abstraction into a cohesive form is a signature of style using acrylics, pastels, and oil paint on canvas.

Kwami Da Costa recieved his artistic training at Sambiani Kassan studio. His work is featured in collections across Africa and Europe.


  1. Bet Set Na, Jendalmart. France. 2020.
  2.  Art Number 23, London. African Art Exhibition. November 2019.
Genre : Contemporary Figurative Painting, Abstract painting, Individual Portrait