Yusuff Aina Abogunde

Yusuff Aina Abogunde

Yusuff  is a fast rising contemporary artist, born in 1997, in the state of Lagos, Nigeria where he currently resides. His artistic education in fine and applied arts was attained at the Federal College of Education, Akota, Lagos.

Yusuffs’ artistic practice is multidisciplinary; he is a painter, sculptor, digital/virtual arts. He calls his style of art “Ainaism”. Yusuff employs surreal figurative paintings in the style of pop art with motion lines to capture the struggles associated with the character “Eni-Yan”, who is always present in his works.

Eni-yan is a character Yusuff uses “to strip off the identity of a person, by using one face to represent all humans, as a symbol of unity and togetherness. Eni-yan is used to represent humans and our struggle”. The face of Eni-yan is inspired from sculptural wooden and metallic masks that have been present in different African cultures for centuries to millennium.

The series of works featured in the “Life in Color” exhibition talks about the anguish associated with the contorted behavior of humanity, and hope for humanity to work together and deplete our self-centeredness.

Selected Exhibitions
1. Re Mediation. African Artists Foundation. Lagos, Nigeria. Group Exhibition. 2020
2. Where We Dey Go Now. Solo Exhibition. Virtual Exhibition. 2020
3. Scarred. Mae Africa. Unit London. UK. Group Exhibition. 2019
4. Parallel Identity. Warehouse. Lagos. Nigeria. Group Exhibition. 2019
5. In the Making. Retro Africa Gallery. Abuja, Nigeria. Group Exhibition. 2019
6. Lagos Art Expo. Lagos, Nigeria. Group Exhibition. 2017

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