Taabu E. Munyoki

Taabu Munyoki, b. June 02, 1996, resides in Nairobi, Kenya where she was born and raised. Munyoki graduated in 2019 from Kenyatta University with a bachelors degree in Fine Art. She majored in graphic design with sculpture and painting as minors.

Munyoki classifies her art as figurative but she borrows from various movements. She combines elements from her background in graphic design and painting to create artworks. Her art has no general message and she allows the viewer to interpret the meaning.

Munyoki, draws inspiration from her environment, and the daily, seemingly mundane activities of how people relate to each other and to their surroundings.

To Munyoki, being an artist means having the ability process, translate and re-arrange ideas and thoughts visually, in a simplified manner in order to convey a message.

Taabu primarily uses acrylics on canvas, but also dabbles in other mediums such as ink on paper and pastel on paper. Ink on paper is her favorite medium because of its unpredictable nature and the way that it flows on the surface to create visually intriguing, intricate patterns. Her favorite color is red and it variants.

The “Service Workers Series,” captures a day in the lives of significant people who one way or another keep things running due to the inherent nature of the services they provide. However, they are hardly recognized because we’ve reduced them to just their roles. No-one ever bothers to find out who they are and how they exist in the space. It’s for this reason that the faces are obscured as if to say it could be literally anyone but we don’t know that because essentially we don’t care.

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