Nick George

Nick George (b. 1982, Manchester, England) is a former professional athlete turned expressionist painter. His sporting career, which included lengthy stops in Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy, has heavily influenced his art-making in distinctive ways, enabling him to investigate new ideas of culture and beauty. 

George’s portraits, which are an amalgamation of people he has met through his journey, derive inspiration from abstraction, exploding in a flourish of colorful, exuberant energy married with poetry and symbolism. The subject matter, like much of his work, references the black experience in Europe, his journey as an athlete, and his early upbringing.

Works from Nick George are part of collections in north America, and Europe.


  1. Concordant Conveyances. 2021. Houston, TX. (Group)
  2. Chilli Art Project. 2021. London, England.  (Group)
  3. The Crossover. 2021. Houston, TX. (Solo)


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