Mamus Esiebo

mamus esiebo

Mamus Esiebo is a self-taught visual artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He studied graphic design at City Unity College. He creates visual art that situate around the simple things in life through digital illustration. Mamus deconstructs his colorful experiences of the big city life in Lagos, Nigeria, where he transforms the lack of work-life balance, family expectations, and the pursuit of self-identification into an idyllic setting. The subjects in his works are placed in scenes that depict a balance of vital energy. His signature use of pin stripe and bold colors are employed to depict clothing on his figurines, and on surfaces of objects placed in the scene. He captures the gaze shared between lovers in the moments before the onset of a romantic getaway where anticipation and thrill are at a fever pitch. He also explores, the peace of sharing a public swimming pool with no strangers, just a familiar face, and a drink in hand. Mamus also explores the minutiae of interactions in our safe space.


1.Blue Strokes. Gr gallery. New York City. New York. 2021.
2.Warwickshire, London. United Kingdom. 2019.
3.Wellness Space. London. United Kingdom. 2018.

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