Kingsley Tamfou

Kingsley (B. 1997) is from Foumban, Cameroon. He is the youngest child from a large family. In 2011, a school of fine arts was established in his hometown, this event had a very positive impact on Kingsleys’ passion for art as he began collaborating with young students from the institution.
In 2018, Kingsley moved to Douala, and began working with the contemporary artist Boris Anje, Boris was one of the artists he had collaborated with in Foumban. Kingsley
joined the artistic milieu of Douala. Kingsley also studies under the tutelage of visual artist Ajarb Bernard.

Kingsley’s works are inspired by everyday life. He conveys these ideas using a ball point pen and acrylic as his medium to create portraiture and figurative art.


• Wuna Kam Seeam! Solo Exhibition. La AKA Gallery. Vasnitex. 2021
• Cameroon Spirit. Group Exhibition. Kamer Art Family. Douala. 2021.
• Bloom. Duo Exhibition. Mitochondria Gallery. Houston. 2021

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