J O Aransiola was born in the year 1973, at Kwara state, Nigeria. He grew up in Lagos State, Nigeria, and he resides there till date. Aransiola was born with a passion for art, and as a youth his skills generated the opportunity for him to study under the tutelage of the contemporary artist Abiodun Olaku, His tertiary education occurred at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

Aransiola uses acrylic, and multimedia to tell his stories in the style of an abstract impressionism. His attraction to abstract and impressionistic painting styles was generated from studying the works of Claude Monet, and Kolade Oshinowo, The inspiration for his art comes from his environment, and he strives for continuous learning and improvement with each work he creates.

J O Aransiola has been part of multiple group exhibitions his works are on display in multiple galleries across Nigeria such as Nike Art gallery, Lekki,

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