Daniel Pengrapher

Daniel Pengrapher, ( b. Daniel Oshundaro), is an artist from Oyo State, Nigeria. Pengrapher has a B.A. in Visual Art, and is presently obtaining a Masters Degree in Art at the University of Belgrade.

He classifies his art as figurative abstract leaning towards abstract expressionism. He creates art in this style because it showcases the unity in duality.

His art addresses life problems such as mental health and offers hope to those who face these issues. His inspiration comes from God, and being an artist is a way for him to give back to the universe.

Daniel Pengrapher is part of our group exhibition titled Concordant Conveyances which opened on the 30th of June 2021.

Select Exhibitions:
2021: Coalesce Affinity Art Gallery
2018: As we dey go, UNILAG
2017, 2018: Fete’n’ Fiesta Shodex Garden
2017: Brown Icon
2016: CSF Lagos Business School Atlantic University



Editors note: Daniel Pengrapher. Abstract figurative art. Abstract expressionism.

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