Boluwatife Victoria Lawal


Boluwatife Victoria Lawal (b. Ibadan, 1995) is a contemporary Nigerian artist who paints intimate and conjoined portraits of people in swirls of evocative, moving colours. She studied Art and Design at The Polytechnic Ibadan, where she obtained a National Diploma in 2016. The same year, she had her Industrial Training program at the Biomedical Communication Centre, Faculty of Public Health, University College Hospital Ibadan, where she was involved in multimedia productions, photography, and graphics design. In 2017, she was under the tutelage of veteran Nigerian artist Akinola Ebenezer, where she was further exposed to the techniques of figurative painting. Boluwatife proceeded from there in 2018 to study and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Education at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Osun State, Nigeria.

My paintings focus on objective realities of the socio-cultural and psycho-social experiences, feelings, expression, and gesture of human daily experiences. Exploring the use of oil and acrylic on canvas, my works celebrate Afrocentrism in view to promoting the cultures and traditions of Africa likewise embracing the beauty of African women. My inspiration comes from my introspective observations, personal experiences and what happens around our society. I combine various flows of interconnected hues to symbolize a synergy between people of different colors and gender, effecting a fusion of oneness in a figurative manner. My intent is to create space for those who have been affected by some form of racial segregation, discrimination, gender equity, misogyny, sexism, rape, assault, gender violence, as well making a vacuum for self-identification, acceptance, actualization, and a focus on the improvements of black women without the fear of exemption. My art seeks to consider humanity and the need to support and work together in cooperation irrespective of gender or race.

• “Reflections of Her,” Mitochondria Gallery, 2022
• “Crossroads,” SMO Contemporary Art Gallery, Lagos Nigeria, 2022
• “I Am That I Am”, Tiny White Wall Gallery, New York, 2022
• “Next of Kin”, Thought Pyramid Gallery, Lagos 2022
• Life in My City Art Festival (LIMCAF), Alliance Francaise 2021
-Shortlisted for the Judith Ellen Prize

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