“In Tender Peaks, Grace Unfolds”
Opening : 7 pm to 9 pm. Friday. February, 16th. 

Artist Talk: 2:30 to 3:30 pm. February 17th. 

Public Viewing: February 16th to March 15th, 2024 

Address: 2220 Commerce Street #D, Houston, TX 77002

Mitochondria Gallery is pleased to present “In Tender Peaks, Grace Unfolds,” curated by Moriah Alise. This gathering of art by Ryan Williams, Travion Payne, Crystal Yayra Anthony, Demetrius Wilson, Megan Lewis, Vaugnn Davis, LaMonté French, Colby Deal, Lex Marie, Dusabe King Christian, and Okoye Emeka John navigates the journey of grace found amidst adversity. 

The exhibition honors the unwavering strength that develops from challenging times. It explores the pinnacle of our emotional experiences and the path we take to navigate these emotions. Each artwork in the collection exposes moments of vulnerability and perseverance, illuminating the beauty that unfolds during the emotional highpoints of our lives.

It invites a dialogue about the power of grace in shaping personal growth and understanding. It is a celebration of the capacity to find poise and beauty in the grit of our lives, offering viewers a space to reflect on their own paths of resilience.

Curator Talks : Moriah Alise



Artist : Demetrius Wilson. Watch from afar . 60 x 48 in . Oil on Canvas. 2023
Artist : Demetrius Wilson. Flash. 40 x 30 in . Oil on Canvas. 2023
Artist : Megan Lewis. Weight lifted. Mixed Media on wood framed board . 60x36 in. 2023
Artist: Dusabe King Christian. Sisters. 48 x 38 in. Oil on canvas. 2024.
Artist : Lex Marie. Covered. 58 x 58 in. Bible pages, parachute, crayon, spray paint. 2024.
Artist : LaMonté French. When I Reminisce Over You, My God . 60 x 30. in. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2024.
Artist: Okoye Chukwuemeka John. In Search of Me II. Oil on Canvas. 24 x 20 in. 2024.
Artist: Okoye Chukwuemeka John. In Search of Me I. Oil on Canvas. 24 x 20 in. 2024.
Artist: Crystal Yayra Anthony. Untitled. 58 x 35 in (unstretched). Oil and acrylic on canvas. 2024.
Artist:Travion Payne. Held Apart 1. Oil on Canvas. 30 x 30 in. 2024
Artist : Colby Deal. Reclamation . 20 x 30 in. Photo Paper, fabric, wood, polyurethane. 2023.
Artist: Vaugnn Davis Jr. Blues in the Figure. Unprimed canvas, acrylic, dye, pigment, aerosol. 43 x 55 in. 2023.
Artist: Ryan Williams . You look nothing like your mother, you look everything like your mother. 40x30 in. Acrylic on canvas. 2024.


In Tender Peaks, Grace Unfolds” explores the pivotal moments that define our existence, highlighting the journey through our most profound emotional landscapes. This collection examines the resilience, courage, and fortitude necessary not only to survive these periods but to emerge from them fundamentally transformed for the better. It presents the emotional terrain of our lives as the crucible for growth, a space where the potential for balance and harmony is forged.

This exhibition emphasizes the significance of embracing and navigating these diverse emotional experiences as essential steps toward personal development and achieving equilibrium. It invites us to contemplate how these intense emotional encounters sculpt us, steering us towards a state of harmony and self-awareness. “In Tender Peaks, Grace Unfolds” is an exploration of becoming, a nod to the strength cultivated through adversity.

Each piece within the collection reveals moments of vulnerability and steadfastness, illuminating the beauty that emerges at the emotional zeniths of our journeys. The exhibition fosters a dialogue on the transformative influence of grace on personal growth. Celebrating our ability to discover steadiness amidst life’s challenges, “In Tender Peaks, Grace Unfolds” provides a reflective space for viewers to consider their own resilience pathways.

Through this artistic exploration, we are invited to witness the beauty that blossoms when we confront life’s trials with grace, offering a reminder of the power of art to mirror the complex journey of human experience.


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About Moriah Alise

Moriah Alise, a Houston-based innovator in the art world, has been a driving force behind several transformative projects, including Alise Art Group, and the digital platform ‘Dear Glory.’ Her commitment to redefining art representation and educational engagement with the art community is why her practice is rooted in education. Moriah Alise’s dedication and innovative initiatives are paving the way for her growing contribution to the landscape of contemporary art in the years ahead. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Moriah’s journey in the art world began with a commitment to artist support and advocacy. Through the Alise Art Group, she has established a dynamic hub where artists receive unparalleled support and opportunities, connecting them with audiences and the broader art communities. Her efforts have been pivotal in bridging the gap between art creators and enthusiasts, championing equity and inclusivity within the arts industry.

Extending her influence into the digital realm, Moriah founded ‘Dear Glory,’ a YouTube platform that has become a global resource for art education and community building. Here, she explores the nuances of the art world, offering insights and fostering a digital community of artists, collectors, and art lovers.

Moriah’s approach is characterized by integrity, diversity, and innovation. She continuously adapts to the evolving art scene, integrating new technologies and ideas. Her passion for art drives her endeavors, leading to partnerships and initiatives that resonate with her commitment to the arts.

As a community builder, Moriah has created a vibrant network within the art world, emphasizing collaboration and mutual support. Her work is not just about showcasing art; it’s about creating lasting impacts, setting high standards, and empowering artists to leave enduring legacies..

About Alise Art Group

Alise Art Group, founded by Moriah Alise, is a Houston-based artist management company uniquely poised at the nexus of artistry, collaboration, and empowerment. Dedicated to fostering emerging artists, our footprint extends globally, facilitated by a blend of on-ground and digital engagement.

Central to our vision is The Art House, an avant-garde incubator granting artists a dynamic platform for public displays, leading to gallery representation. Augmenting this is our digital stronghold, ‘Dear Glory’ on YouTube, which has burgeoned into a global community hub for art enthusiasts, creators, and collectors.

Our services encompass a vast spectrum – from cultivating international collector bases, aligning artists with premier art institutions, managing large-scale public projects, to introducing artists to collectors.  Our ethos is grounded in promoting equity, inclusivity, and reshaping the art narrative.

With an unwavering commitment, cutting-edge strategies, and a passion for championing art stories, Alise Art Group aspires to craft lasting legacies within the arts.