Saturday, August 6th, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Public Viewing  : August 6th to August 27th.

Address: 2220 Commerce Street #D, Houston, TX 77002.

Mitochondria Gallery is pleased to present, “Dialect,” a duo exhibition featuring visual artists, Thembalathu Manqunyana (South Africa, b. 1984), and Olayikanmi Olawale (Nigeria, b. 1993). A Dialect is any particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group. In this exhibition, the artists present works that are created through spontaneous strokes yielding abstractive portraits and colorful images that immerse the viewer in the emotions of their creative process. The language of each artist is bold, striking, unyielding, and dimensional. Employing elements of cubism and neo-expressionism, the artists create visuals using various mediums such as acrylic, pastels, charcoals, and markers. This exhibition is a tribute to how our differences make us unique, and the beauty of individual expression.

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