Slam Austin
Slam Austin

Artist Talk /Q&A

Tell us a little bit about your painting style?

I classify my style of art under subjective art. I use acrylic fingernails, tissue paper, saw dust, fabric, acrylic paint, and any other kind of medium I can reach at the moment, are what I use to create my artworks.

The uniqueness in my work is in the medium, acrylic fingernails and other things. I use acrylic fingernails in 100% of my works. This is my identity, my signature, it make me stand out from other artists. That is why I am known as the fingernail artist. 

My works speak of hope. Hope in our marriages, hope in our relationships, hope in our everyday life. Because of the hope we have, we are still standing strong today.

Everyone already believes society has failed us, so we have to give ourselves hope. So I speak of hope,  I believe its the way of reaching out, and giving the assurance that tomorrow will be better, and there is a brighter tomorrow for everyone. We can keep moving and working hard until we get there. 

Talk to us about the works of yours that were selected for our Life in Color Exhibition?

Crazy outfit, is one of my favorite pieces I created. Its an idea I got from my environment. It talks about fashion. The way people see fashion,  they embrace it. Crazy fashion is really crazy, but that is what the people want to get into. 

The second work is the awaiting man. This work talks about relationships in the society these days. People sit down, and wait to get engaged, then something else happens, and they feel disappointed in their fiancé. So I titled that the awaiting man, the guy waiting to engage his girlfriend. 

Illusion is a way of life, people try to fit in something that is not happening. It is a mirage. People try to fit in and put their self into it. They want to feel as if their “projected” life really exists, like this is reality. A subjective way of life, that people are trying to bring into the society. So I titled that work illusion, where people feel like this is how life ought to have been. 

Oppression is another fantastic work. In society today we are being oppressed, each day. We are being oppressed by our leaders, we oppress each other, each day. The work shows the voice of a person being seized by their partner. They have no voice anymore, they are being oppressed because of wealth. So, oppression is what most people face each day of their life.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite colors is red, not just red but the family of red. It gives my work this life, this hope, it gives my work a standard. So I use red, mostly on the background, sometimes on the figurine(s) clothes, or tie. Red is my favorite color, and it gives my joy when I see that color. 

What is your favorite medium?

Acrylic fingernail is my favorite medium, other media come in but  acrylic fingernails is it. Tissue paper is part of my fantastic medium as well. Sawdust, fabric, acrylic paint, they all come into play, they are good friends of acrylic fingernails.

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